Products - Hoists

Capacity Range:
  • 125 Kgs to 60,000 Kgs

Star Technical Features:

  • Modular Construction

  • Oil Splash Lubricated

  • Totally enclosed hoisting G. Box.

  • Improved reeving arrangement to minimise rope twisting, hence longer life of rope.

  • Emergency off push button is provided as standard feature to avoid any mishap if any contactor's contacts get welded or limit switch fails to operate.

  • Gear Boxes completely sealed to avoid any drippage of oil.

  • C. T. Gearboxes are of cast steel & not of cast iron.

  • Control at low voltage (24v/110v) to avoid shock to operator.

    Due to continual improvement in design, we reserve the right to depart from the
    above mentioned specifications without notice.
    The actual speed shall be within ±10% of above specified spee

Also Available

  • Higher Lifts, Speeds & Capacities

  • Micro Speeds (5% - 20%) of Hoisting & CT

  • Fixed/Hand Geared/Flexible Trolley

  • Special Low Headroom Hoists

  • Flame Proof Hoists



Hoist For Curued Track

Hydel Gate Hoist
Flame Proof Electric Hoist