Products - Goliath/ Gantry Cranes


Gantry / Goliath Cranes are adapted to applications where overhead runways would be very long, costly to erect, and difficult to maintain in alignment. Where theinstallation is only temporary, a gantry crane can be moved to a new location with less trouble or expenses than an overhead crane and its runway. Also it is comparatively easy and inexpensive to extend the length of the runway and thus increase the working area of the crane. Most gantry crane installations are outdoors. The initial cost of a gantry crane, which may be double that of an overhead crane, must be equated against the additional cost of an overhead runway.

“TechMech Cranes” range of gantry cranes can be broadly classified into the following categories:- 

1.   Deck-Leg Gantry
2.   Through-Leg Gantry
3.   Semi Gantry

Of the above Deck-Leg Gantry is the most commonly used type. Both tracks are on ground level and the trolley travel between the legs only. The Through-Leg type gantry is used in conjunction with a cantilever girder extension on one or both ends of the Bridge Girder. Such construction permits handling loads outside the area bounded by the runway rails. Load may or may not be carried through the leg. Whereas a Semi Gantry construction is possible for both the Deck-Leg and Through-Leg type. These Cranes have legs of unequal length to operate on rails at different elevations.All these cranes are available in Single Girder, Double Girder as well as Offset Crab Monobox design and are custom made to suit customer’s specific requirement.

These type of cranes are widely found in the following applications:- 

1.       Ports
2.      Container Handling
3.      Construction sites
4.      Marble / Granite Industry
5.      Stockyards
6.      Scrapyards
7.      Railway yards